Troubleshooting/Escalations Info

If you need to pass a troubleshooting ticket along to someone else or a manager to get a second opinion or to take over, it is very important to note the information on the ticket so the person looking at it has a good understanding of the issue, knows what steps have already been taken, and has examples of the issue. This will reduce the chances of both agents trying the same things and wasting time getting to a resolution. Please include the following information in your ticket if you need to pass it along to someone else:

 1. Description of the issue/Client's end goal - The client will generally give us a description of what is happening from their perspective, but it might not always be the most accurate and may have some key missing information that was found later on. In your own words, please provide a short description of the issue and what the client is looking to accomplish so it is clear what we need to solve and the goal we need to reach.


2. The steps you have already tried - Please note anything that you have tried or the client has tried on their end so we can quickly eliminate options for a resolution or be able to quickly tell if something simple has not been tried yet. This includes things like calling the virtual phone number or forwarding phone number directly, disabling call announce, making call flow changes under their account, blacklisting a number, or creating a ticket with our carriers. 


3. Call Example(s) - If a client provided call examples, they might not provide all the info that is needed and we may have to check their call history to get the rest of the details. A call example should include all of the following information:

-Date and Time of the call with the timezone listed
-Virtual Phone Number
-Caller's Phone Number
-Forwarding Phone Number
-The Incoming caller ID setting (Showing the caller's phone number/Showing a virtual phone number) for the virtual phone number, menu option, or extension that the forwarding phone number is under
-If the caller is forwarding calls to their virtual phone number with their own number, please provide this number as well


4. Any additional notes that will be helpful - Any other things that the client mentions or you see that would be helpful in finding a resolution. Examples of this would be:

-Client noting that the issue just started happening and they are able to reproduce it
-All forwarding phone numbers are with a specific carrier
-The client stated that they made recent changes on their end like phones or carriers

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