How to Port Your Existing Phone Number to Talkroute

Phone Number Porting is the process of moving an existing phone number to Talkroute. 

Porting will remove your number from your current carrier and make it a Virtual Phone Number with Talkroute. During the porting process, the number will continue to work normally with the current provider. On the date of completion, the number will seamlessly transfer to Talkroute.

To see more information about the porting process and frequently asked questions, please see our article here: Talkroute Number Porting Process and Information

To make a request to port an existing phone number on your Talkroute account, please follow the steps below:



Port an Existing Phone Number

1. Login to your Talkroute account and navigate to the Manager tab.


2. Under the Virtual Phone Numbers section, click "Add / Port Phone Number +" at the bottom of the list


3. Under the Port Phone Number area, select Enter the phone number you wish to transfer, the name of the current provider and click "Port Number"


4. Review the Terms & Conditions for porting numbers and click "Yes, I understand and wish to submit this request".


5. You will receive an email from one of our team members containing follow up instructions to complete the port process.



Tip: Phone Number Porting requires an average of 5-7 business days. During this time, the phone number you are transferring will continue to operate as usual under the current provider. On the "date of completion", the phone number will seamlessly transfer from the current provider to Talkroute. We recommend using the current Talkroute Phone Number to set up your account and to test all settings in order to avoid any unexpected user experiences for your callers when the porting process completes.

Important note: Confirming a new Virtual Phone Number may incur an immediate activation charge and increase your monthly bill. Please see our pricing comparison page for more details. If you are currently in a trial period, this action will end the trial early. You may add or remove Talkroute Phone Numbers as needed.




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