What is a Call Menu?

A call menu (also referred to as an auto attendant, phone tree, or IVR) gives your callers a number of options to choose from when they call into your Talkroute phone system. These menu options can be added and customized in your Talkroute control panel. Here is an example of a typical call menu:

Dial #1 for "Hours of Operation"

Dial #2 for "Sales"

Dial #3 for "Support"

You may choose to forward menu options to any number of forwarding devices (e.g. cellular, home, and office phones). You may also choose to forward a menu option to a custom audio message (e.g. Hours of Operation). After your audio message has played, you can then choose to forward the caller to a forwarding device(s), back to your call menu, voicemail, or disconnect the call. We also include the ability to send the call to a submenu with our Pro plan or higher.

Talkroute provides our users with a number of additional customizable options within the call menu. These additional options allow our users to truly customize their call menu to exactly their needs.


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