What is Talkroute?

Talkroute is a cloud hosted PBX and WebRTC solution.

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is an industry term for a phone system. Businesses have traditionally used a PBX to control all of the phones in their location. PBX systems are typically very expensive and require constant on-site support to maintain.

Cloud Hosted PBX (or Virtual PBX) is a phone system that is hosted by Talkroute. There is no equipment for you to buy and the system is operated and maintained remotely by Talkroute. Our solution utilizes your existing service provider(s) and offers numerous features typically only found in a traditional on-site PBX system, at a fraction of the cost. 


Talkroute is now offering a Desktop application for Windows, MAC, and Linux that allows you to make and receive phone calls with just an internet connection utilizing WebRTC (Real-Time Communications). Please see our blog post about Why Talkroute Is Using WebRTC to Go Beyond Old-School VoIP and our Desktop App Feature Page for more information. 


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