Does Talkroute replace my phone or service provider?

This depends on how you wish to make and receive calls with our service. Talkroute is a virtual phone number provider and virtual phone system. You can pick a new local or toll-free virtual phone number with us or port an existing phone number from another carrier. Our system will take incoming calls made to your virtual phone numbers and route the calls based on your call flow settings configured under your account. Depending on your plan, routing options can be configured to send calls directly to your phones or to desktop users, to a call menu, or to a Talkroute voicemail box. 

While we do not provide a direct dial tone service to a landline, cell, or VoIP/SIP phones, incoming Talkroute calls to a Virtual Phone Number can either be forwarded to 10-digit US or Canada phone numbers outside of our service (This can be a landline, cell phone, VOIP line, etc.) or routed to a Talkroute desktop app user to receive calls on a computer (Internet connection required). Outgoing calls can be also made using our service to have your calls appear as the virtual phone numbers on your account. Calls can be placed using the Talkroute Desktop app, via our mobile app for iOS/Android (Cell service required), or our manual outbound dialing feature (For non-smartphone/landline devices).



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