What is included with Talkroute?


Talkroute is a feature rich phone solution that unifies your existing devices into one system. Our features range from a fully customizable call menu to receiving your voicemails by email. All of our features can be customized online at any time from your control panel. 

  • A dedicated local or toll free number for your business. Additional local or toll free numbers are available for purchase.
  • Text Messaging to and from your Talkroute phone numbers.
  • Forward & Route calls to any device; cellular, home, and/or office.
  • A Call Menu (auto-attendant) that will welcome your callers to your company and offer them a menu of options to choose from.
  • Call Stacking Technology; Your callers are forwarded to you in the order they are received. Never miss a call.
  • Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
  • Hours of Operation; receive calls only when you want to by establishing operating hours for your phones.
  • Scheduled forwarding; create custom schedules for your receiving phones.
  • Unlimited multi-digit Extensions.
  • Call Announcement; Before you answer, know where your call is coming from and choose to accept, reject to the hold queue, or send to voicemail.
  • Custom Audio; Utilize our library of audio for your greeting, menu, or hold music. You can also upload and record your own online.
  • Live Call Transfer; Transfer live phone calls from any phone, cell or landline, to other phones, menu options, extensions, or voicemail boxes.
  • Submenus; Add more customization options to your call menu and hours of operations features
  • Voicemail to email and the ability to create multiple voicemail boxes.
  • Manage all settings and options through your online control panel.
  • Customizable greetings for answering calls and when you are unavailable.
  • Caller ID and/or Call Screening lets you know who is calling.
  • Outgoing Caller ID. Keep your number private by showing your Talkroute number to your clients.
  • Reporting and call analytics. 
  • Voice Studio.
  • And much more...

*Feature accessibility varies based on the plan. You can see a full comparison of all our plans and pricing here: https://talkroute.com/pricing/




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