How do I cancel my Talkroute account?

Talkroute makes account cancellation easy and hassle-free.


Following this guide will show how to cancel your Talkroute account. Canceling your account will terminate your service immediately once processed. You will no longer be able to accept incoming calls from your phone numbers or access the account for call history results, text messages, voicemail messages, call recordings, and other account data or settings.



Important Considerations Before Canceling:

Phone Number Porting: If you wish to keep your Talkroute phone number(s) and transfer them to another service provider, you must initiate the porting process before canceling your account. Once your account is canceled, you will lose the ability to port your number(s). Click here for instructions on how to port your Talkroute phone number(s).

Any numbers not ported out prior to cancellation will become available for selection by new Talkroute customers.

Messages, Audio Files, and Other Data: Any messages, history records, audio files, and other data stored in your account will be inaccessible once your account is canceled. Additionally, these items may be purged from your account shortly after cancellation. We strongly recommend backing up any important data before proceeding with account cancellation.

Refunds: Please note that pre-paid purchases are non-refundable, and unused service is not eligible for credit, refund, or proration per Talkroute's Refund Policy.



Cancel Your Talkroute Account

1. Login to your Talkroute account, navigate to the "User Icon," and click "Account."


2. Stay on the Account Information tab.


3. Select "Cancel Your Account."


Important Note: If you cancel your account, you will not have the option to retain, port, or transfer your Talkroute Phone Number.

Please Note: All Talkroute Phone Numbers are the property of Talkroute during the free trial period.



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