How to Change User Text Messaging Permissions

User Permissions are the authorized access levels a user has within your account. To change text messaging permissions for a User, please follow the steps below:    


IMPORTANT: Before you can manage text messaging permissions, you will need to first activate text messaging for at least (1) of your Talkroute phone number(s). For more information on how to activate text messaging, please visit: Getting Started: How to Send Text Messages    


1) Login to your Talkroute account and navigate to the Account section.  

nav to account_02  


2) Select the Users & Permissions tab.  

nav users and permissions_02  


3) Select the desired User and click "edit".  

edit user_02  


4) Select the "Edit Permissions" button.  

edit user permissions_02  


5) Select the desired permission level for each Talkroute phone number and click "Save Permissions".  

edit user text message permissions save



Permission Levels Explained:

  • Disabled: User may not view.
  • View Only: User may view but not edit.
  • Full Access: User may view and edit.





6) Click "Save & Close".  

edit user permissions save close_02    


Note: When testing these changes, you must dial your Talkroute Phone Number from a phone number that is NOT listed as a Forwarding Phone Number. If you attempt to call your Talkroute Phone Number from a Forwarding Phone Number, the call will disconnect or outbound dialing will be initiated (if enabled).  


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