Zapier Integration Example

This article will cover setting up a new Zap for Talkroute in Zapier. In this example, we will configure a Zap to send new voice message notifications to a Slack channel.

For more information about Zapier Integrations, the available event triggers, data for those events, and how to obtain your personal access token (PAT), please see our article on this here: Zapier Integration Information

Example Zap

1. Log into your Zapier account and press the create Zap button

New Zap

2. Type "Talkroute" in the trigger search field and select Talkroute in the list

Talkroute Trigger

3. Select the event you would want to set up a trigger for. For this example, we will be using the New Voice Message event. Click continue after the event has been selected.

Select Event

4. From here, Zapier will ask you to connect your Talkroute account or select your Talkroute account if it has already been connected. If your Talkroute account has already been connected, simply select the account from the drop down list and skip to step 6. If not, you can just select the Connect New Account option and continue to step 5.

Select Account

5. A separate browser window will pop up asking you to enter your access token. Copy your personal access token from your Talkroute user profile page into the text box and click, Yes, Continue.

Please see our Zapier Integration Information guide for more info on how to access your personal access token.
Connect Talkroute to Zapier

6. After your Talkroute account has been connected with Zapier, make sure it is selected and click continue.

Account Selected

7. Select Test trigger to continue.
Test Trigger

8. After the test completes, Zapier will say it found a new voice message, but the data below will be blank, this is normal. Simply click Continue to move on.

Trigger complete

9. Search for the application you want to use as an action. For this example, we will be using slack. Type in Slack in the search field and select it from the list.

Slack Action

10. Next, you will be asked what event you want to happen with your action. For this example, we will be selecting Send Channel Message. Click continue after the event has been selected.

Slack Event

11. You will be asked what Slack account you'd like to use for this action. Either select your Slack account if already connected, or connect your Slack account by selecting the Connect a new account option. After the account has been selected, click Continue.

Slack account selection

12. Next, you are going to specify the details of your action. There are two required fields, select the Slack channel and enter the message text sent to that channel. Voice message data can be entered in the message text field, and data options will appear when selecting the field.  Data labels are not automatically added so we are going to be using the following message text as a template:

New Voice Message:
Caller ID Name: 
Voicemail Box Name: 
Call Result: 
Talkroute Number: 
Caller Number: 
Voicemail Duration: 
Voicemail Transcription: 

Slack Action

Slack Action Example

13. Below is an example of what this should look like after all the data points have been added to the message text area.

Completed Action Info

14. The other fields here are optional. We are not completing any of the optional fields for this example, but you can configure these fields as you desire. Once done, click the continue button.

Optional Action Fields

15. The hard part is done! From here, you can click the Test action button to send a sample message to your Slack channel. 

Test Action

Test Action Example

16. After the test is complete, select the Publish Zap button.

Publish Zap

17. And that is it! Now when you get a new Talkroute voice message, the message details will be sent to your selected Slack channel automatically.




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