I believe I did not receive a commission that I should have for an account I referred. What happened?

The primary reasons a commission may not be approved or linked to your affiliate ID is due to a payment or browser cookie issue with the referred account.

Here are a few common scenarios when this may occur:

  • If an account is suspended within the first 30 days of service for non-payment, you will not receive a paid conversion for the referred account.
  • If an account is suspended or canceled but reactivates service or signs up for new service, the new registration may no longer be linked to your affiliate ID.
  • The account cancels service and does not reactivate or sign up for new service using a link associated with your affiliate ID.
  • If the referred account has browser cookies disabled or is using a browser that does not support tracking links, the conversion will not be linked to your affiliate ID.

Please note that it is not possible to manually link an affiliate ID to an active account.



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