This guide is to help with common issues with the Talkroute Desktop Application. Please check the app's system requirements below and review the troubleshooting steps. 


Please check your device to make sure it meets the app's minimum requirements:

  • Operating System
    • MacOS: OSX 10.10 or later
    • Windows: Windows 7 or later
    • Linux: Fedora 28, Ubuntu LTS release 16.04, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0, or later versions
  • Device has an available internet connection (Wifi/4G/Cable/DSL)
  • Audio device connected (Bluetooth or wired Earbuds/Headset/Speaker/Microphone)


Part 1 - Checking your settings

  1. Verify the correct phone numbers are selected in the app's Caller ID settings. Click the gear icon on the lower left to access the Settings & Preferences page. Select "Caller ID" on the left, and verify that the "Outgoing Calls" and "Outgoing Texts" fields are showing the correct virtual phone numbers.

  2. Verify you have both an input and output device selected in the app's Notifications & Sounds setting. From the Settings & Preferences page, select "Notifications & Sounds" and verify you have devices selected for input and output. Be sure to test the input (Shows microphone levels) and output (Plays audio file).

  3. Check to make sure you are on the latest version of the Talkroute app. From the Settings & Preferences page and select "Updates" on the left. If the current app version is 1.1.2 or above, press the "Check for Update" button.

    If you have the Talkroute desktop app version 1.1.1 or prior installed, you will have to manually download the newest version on your system to get any further updates. Please see our guide on that here:

  4. If any changes were made to the above settings, please test for your issue again. If the settings are correct, or the changes did not work, please continue to Part 2.



Part 2 - Refresh the app data

  1. Clear the Talkroute application data. Click the gear icon on the lower left to access the Settings & Preferences page. Select "Updates" on the left, and press the red Clear Data button. This will clear the app data and log you out of the app.

    Please note this will only clear out the Talkroute app's local files on your computer and will not clear any voicemails, text messages, call history data, call recordings, or call flow settings saved on your Talkroute account.

  2. Please log back in and test again for the issue. If you are still having problems proceed to Part 3.



Part 3 - Reinstalling the app

  1. Close out of the Talkroute app completely.

  2. Uninstall the app from your computer using Add or Remove Programs with Windows, Launcher with MacOS, and Command Line with Linux.

  3. Restart the computer.

  4. Reinstall the latest app version of the app for your OS using this link:

  5. Open the Talkroute desktop app and log back in. Complete the setup prompts to get to the keypad page.

  6. Test again for the issue, if you are still having problems please see Part 4.



Part 4 - Other Issues

The Desktop app will not install or run on my computer
If you have antivirus software installed on the computer, it might be conflicting with the app or has an included firewall blocking the app's connection. This could prevent the Talkroute app from running or even installing on your computer.
In most cases, the Talkroute app can be added as an approved software under your antivirus or firewall programs (Please check your antivirus software website for more info). In extreme cases, the antivirus software may need to be disabled completely in order to install or run the desktop app.
Desktop app not working after reinstalling or updating
If you are having issues with the Talkroute Desktop Application not working correctly after a reinstall or major update, there may be Talkroute temporary files on your computer causing a conflict. Uninstalling the app, Removing these files, and reinstalling the application will typically resolve these uncommon issues. Please see visit this link to learn how to remove these temp files: Remove Talkroute Temp Files
No audio or calls will not connect
The Talkroute app will list all input and output devices on your computer. Sometimes your computer will list an audio device that is inactive, unavailable at the time, or even has duplicates of a single audio device. If an audio device is not properly configured in the app or not available when using the app, this could cause calls to act like they are failing.

If you have one of the system default audio devices selected and audio is not working, try selecting one of the audio devices that does not have a "Default" tag on the front.
If you are using a Bluetooth audio device, please try disconnecting and reconnecting the device to your computer. If you are using a wired headset, please make sure you are connected to the correct port, or use an alternate USB/3.5MM jack.
Your computer could also have separate permissions for your microphone. Please check these permissions to make sure the Talkroute desktop app has access to your microphone.
Calls on other devices feature with MacOS
The Talkroute desktop app can conflict with Apple’s “Calls on other devices” feature. If you are having issues receiving calls on your computer, please disable this feature and try again. More info on how to change this setting can be found here: 
Internet connection issues
A persistent internet connection is needed to use the Talkroute desktop app. If you have poor a wifi/data signal or you are using a special network security appliance under your network, this could cause instability on the app. The desktop app just uses HTTPS to connect (Port 443), but you could have issues if you are actively blocking the port or have a router connecting to another router (Double NAT). The easiest way to test network issues is to connect to a different network/Wifi or use a hotspot as an alternate connection and try again.
  • If you are unable to test the app on another network connection, please perform the following items and provide us a screenshot of the result to
  • Run a ping test: Running a ping test (ping -t) will let us see if the device is dropping packets. If multiple packets are dropped in a short span, this can indicate an issue with the device or a connection issue with your network equipment/ISP.
  • Perform a speed test: -The Talkroute desktop app requires a minimum of 512Kbps 4G/DSL/Cable for your internet connection. Running a speed test will make sure your current connection is fast enough to handle voice traffic with the app.
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