Desktop and Web App Contacts

Contacts can be added to your account from our desktop, mobile, and web applications. Contacts created under the account are automatically shared and accessible to any logins under the account. Please see our guide below on how to add and edit contacts under your account.


How to access the Talkroute contact list

Login to the Talkroute Desktop or Web application. Click the gear icon at the bottom left to go to settings and preferences. Select Contacts, to see your current list of contacts, add new contacts, and edit existing contacts. 

Talkroute Web App Main Page

Talkroute Web App Contact Page


How to add a new contact

To add a new Talkoute contact, navigate to the settings and preferences page. Click Contacts then click the orange Add Contact button, enter contact details, and select Create Contact to save. 

Talkroute Web App Add Contact

Talkroute Web App Add Contact Info


How to add a Contact from Call History,
Messages, and Voicemail details

To save a contact from a call history entry, text conversation, or voicemail message, select the call or message, then click the person icon on the top right corner, enter the contact details, and click Create Contact to save.


Talkroute Web App Call Details

Talkroute Web App Add Contact From Call Details



Importing and exporting contacts is not an available feature at this time. More contact options will become available with future updates.

If you have any questions, please email us at  


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