How to Add a New Toll Free Virtual Phone Number

Virtual Phone Numbers are the Local and/or Toll Free Numbers that your callers dial (i.e. business phone numbers). A virtual phone number, also known as DID or access number, is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. These numbers can be programmed to forward incoming calls directly to your forwarding phone numbers, a voicemail box, and/or a call menu (Depending on your plan).



Adding a Toll Free Phone Number

1. Login to your Talkroute account and navigate to the Manager tab

2. Under the Virtual Phone Numbers section, click "Add / Port Phone Number +" at the bottom of the list



3. Under the Add New Phone Number area, select Search for New Number



4. Choose Get Your Toll Free Number



5. You will be provided a memorable Toll Free number to Select or you can click More Options to show other available memorable Toll Free numbers




6. Select the desired Toll Free Phone Number

7. You may add your new Toll Free Phone Number or upgrade your account & receive additional numbers




Important note: Confirming a new Virtual Phone Number may incur an immediate activation charge and increase your monthly bill. Please see our pricing comparison page for more details. If you are currently in a trial period, this action will end the trial early. You may add or remove Talkroute Phone Numbers as needed.

8. You will receive an email confirmation when your new Toll Free Phone Number is ready to use.




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