Talkroute Video Meetings FAQs

Talkroute Video Meetings FAQs

Are Video Meetings included with Talkroute?
Yes. All current Talkroute plans include the Meetings feature. Please see our pricing for more details regarding which Talkroute Meetings features are included with your plan.
Do you need an account to use Talkroute Meetings?
No. There is no need for guests to register an account in order to join a Talkroute Meeting.
Do guests need to download the app to join a meeting?
No. Guests may connect to a Talkroute Meeting with their browser. There is no need to download the Talkroute app.
What is Team Chat?
Team Chat is a feature that gives you the ability to collaborate using our internal messenger within a Talkroute Meeting.
What is Screen Sharing?
Screen Sharing allows you to share your screen, window, or workspace with meeting participants.
What is the Whiteboard?
The Whiteboard provides a space for you and your meeting participants to collaborate and annotate. This is a great way to illustrate your ideas within a live meeting.
What is File Sharing?
With our File Sharing feature, you may upload and download files and make them accessible to participants within your Talkroute Meeting.
What is Session Recording?
Session Recording allows you to record your meetings and review them at any time. This feature is not available at this time and will be coming soon to the Talkroute's Video Meetings.
How many participants can join a meeting?
Talkroute Meetings supports up to 100 internal and/or external participants.
What type of hardware is necessary for meetings?

-Computer running Windows, Mac, or Linux

-Headset for audio (Speakers and Mic)

-Webcam for video (Optional)

How long can a meeting last?
Meetings can last up to 24 hours.
What Video Meetings features are included with my plan?
Please see our pricing for more details regarding which Talkroute Meetings features are included with your plan.


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