How do I show my company name on the outgoing Caller ID?

We are able to set the CNAM (caller ID name) record for your local or toll free virtual phone numbers upon request. This can be updated to show your business name on file with the account or a custom name of your choosing (both limited to 15 characters). Once we update it, it can take up to 2-3 weeks to take effect across all phone networks.

Please note that caller ID capabilities vary for different phones and carriers. Not all phones or providers will show an incoming caller ID name, some carriers will only provide a phone number or city and state. We are not able to set a CNAM record for Canada phone numbers at this time.

You can check the status of your new CNAM record by testing your phone number here:
Caller ID Test

If you wish to change your CNAM record, you may do so at any time by opening a support ticket here:
Submit a Ticket



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