Getting Started: How to Send Text Messages

Text Messaging provides you with the ability to send and receive text messages with your Talkroute Phone Number(s). If text messaging has not been enabled for your virtual phone number, please see our guide on that here: Getting Started: How to Enable Text Messages

To send Text Messages, please follow the steps below:



Text messaging features and settings in the Talkroute control panel will be moved exclusively to our apps on 10/02/23. All text message features will remain available through our mobile, desktop, and web applications. 

If you are planning on activating text messaging for a Toll-Free phone number, additional verification is required before texting can be activated. Please see our Toll-Free Text Verification article for more information.





Sending a Text Message: Desktop/Web Apps

1. Login to the Talkroute desktop application or the web application (

If you do not have the desktop application installed, please see our download link here: 

2. Select the Messages option on the main menu.

3. Select the compose conversation button.

4. Enter the phone number you wish to send your message to. If you have texting access to multiple phone numbers, you can select what number the text message will come from.

5. Enter your message in the text field below

6. Any messages received from the number you sent the text to will appear in your conversation view.





Sending a Text Message: Mobile Apps

1. Login to the Talkroute mobile application.

If you do not have the mobile application installed, links to the apps can be found here: 

2. Select the menu button.

3. Select the messages option under the menu.

4. Once you are at the messages area, select the compose conversation button.

5. Enter the phone number you want to send a message to, or select the plus icon to select a contact. Once a number has been entered, you can type your message on the field at the bottom of the page.



Texting FAQs

What types of messages does Talkroute accept?
Talkroute can accept SMS and MMS sent from 10-digit US or Canada phone numbers. Please see below for a list of supported MMS attachments:
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF (up to 1.5MB)
  • Bitmap (BMP)
The maximum image file size is 15MB. The image resolution is 1280x960 when sent through Talkroute. (We attempt to preserve the resolution and aspect ratio as much as possible before scaling down).
Can I receive short code or verification texts?
Yes, we allow incoming shortcode messages and enable responses to shortcode numbers. However, please note that new conversations cannot be initiated to shortcode numbers. It's important to understand that while the shortcode feature is available, clients may not be able to receive verification text messages from all services on their virtual phone numbers. Some services validate the phone number and determine if it is classified as a cell phone number or a wireline/VoIP number. This classification may impact the delivery of verification texts.
How long of a message can I send?
The maximum individual message length is 1000 characters. Please note that depending on the carrier receiving the message, it may be broken down into multiple segments.
Do I need to verify my phone number?
If you are using a toll-free phone number for texting, it is recommended that you go through the verification process, else your messages may not be delivered. Typically for local numbers, verification is not needed at low volumes. Please see the following article for more information: Toll-Free Text Verification
Can I send group messages?
Talkroute does not support group messages at this time. Any messages sent or received are 1 to 1.
Can I block text messages?
Yes, you can block 10-digit phone numbers under your account to prevent incoming calls and texts.

Desktop/Web: Select the text conversation in the messages area, then select the block number icon.

Mobile: Select the text conversation, tap the info icon, select the 3 dot menu at the top right side, then select block caller.
Can I disable texting?
Yes, please see our article here for more information: How to Disable Text Messaging
If you wish to fully disable texting for a specific phone number, please reach out to us at 
Why does my number say texting is not available?
Some of the numbers we provide are voice only numbers. Numbers with texting availability show a texting bubble icon when you select the virtual phone number to add to your account. If you have selected a voice only number and wish to use texting, please reach out to us at  for available options.


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