How to Add Music on Hold to a Menu Option

Music on Hold is the audio your callers will hear while being forwarded to your forwarding phone numbers. This can be music or a special message. To add a custom Music on Hold Audio File, please follow the steps below:


Change Hold Music For a Menu Option

1. Login to your Talkroute account and navigate to the Manager section.


2. Under Call Menu, select "Edit" next to the desired option.


3. If you have already uploaded or recorded an audio file to our system, please skip to step 5. Otherwise, you can create a new audio file by clicking the upload icon next to "What should we play while your callers are waiting?".


4. A pop-up will appear and you may choose to Upload or Record your new Music on Hold Audio File. For additional information on adding audio files, please visit the How to Add Audio Files tutorial.


5. Once you have either uploaded or recorded your new audio file, it will appear in the "What should we play while your callers are waiting?" dropdown. Be sure the new Music on Hold is selected and click "Save & Close".




When testing these changes, you must dial your Talkroute Phone Number from a phone number that is NOT listed as a Forwarding Phone Number. If you attempt to call your Talkroute Phone Number from a Forwarding Phone Number, the call will disconnect or outbound dialing will be initiated (if enabled).



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