How long of a text message can I send?

SMS Text Messages are considered to be 160 characters (The SMS character limit can drop from 160 characters to 70 for some languages other than English), but Talkroute allows Text Messages of up to 1000 characters to be sent. Messages longer than 160 characters may be divided into multiple messages (known as segments) when they reach the SMS Network in order to be delivered to the recipient. When this occurs the messages are reassembled and received by the recipient as one message, this depends on the recipient’s carrier and/or device.

If you are on a Monthly plan that does not include unlimited text messaging and you send a message that is more than 160 characters long, each segment will count as a message sent during your current billing cycle.

When a text message is divided into multiple segments, it can take longer to send and to be received by the recipient. Long messages that are sent to your Talkroute Virtual Phone Number may take additional time to be received as well, as each segment must be received in order to reassemble the entire message and deliver to you.

Please Note: Emoji and non-English languages may appear as a single character on screen when typed while being counted as multiple characters to determine the message length.


Tip: Customers on a Monthly plan that includes unlimited text messaging will see the character count appear when a message reaches 850 characters in length to inform them that they are getting close to the character limit.

Customers on a Monthly plan that has a limited number of text messages will see the character count appear when a message reaches 140 characters to inform them that they are getting close to sending a message that will count as multiple messages in their current billing cycle.

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For more information on how to activate and use Talkroute text messaging, please visit:

Getting Started: How to Enable Text Messages



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