Can I keep or use my existing phone number?


Yes! Talkroute has two options for utilizing an existing phone number with our service:

1. You can simply forward your existing number to your new Talkroute phone number by contacting your carrier directly. This option is best if you wish to have callers that dial your existing number be forwarded to your Talkroute system but still retain the number on the original device. For example, if you wish to use your cellular number, you can forward it to your Talkroute phone system but still keep the number retained on your cellular phone for out going calls. Please note that if you forward an existing number to your Talkroute phone number, every caller that dials your existing number will be first forwarded to your Talkroute phone system.

2. You can port your existing number directly to Talkroute by signing into your account and submitting a port request. When you make a Number Port request, Talkroute will move your existing phone number away from the original carrier and device. Talkroute will now host your phone number for you. This option is best if you are planning to cancel an existing service plan and wish to keep your existing number. Please note that if you port a number away from an existing device, that device will now need a new phone number to operate.


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