What are Extensions?

Extensions provide you with the ability to create single or multi digit extensions that provide your callers the ability to reach a desired destination when calling into your Talkroute phone system. Extensions can be added and customized in your Talkroute dashboard.


Single digit extensions are perfect for providing callers with information or departments:

Dial #1 for "Hours of Operation"

Dial #2 for "Sales"

Dial #3 for "Support"


Multi digit extensions are perfect for providing callers with the option to reach team members directly:

Dial #2001 to reach John

Dial #2002 to reach Stephanie

Dial #2003 to reach Mary


You may choose to route extensions to any number of forwarding devices (e.g. cellular, home, and office phones). You may also choose to forward a extensions to a custom audio message (e.g. Hours of Operation). After your audio message has played, you can then choose to forward the caller to a forwarding device(s), back to your call menu, voicemail, or disconnect the call.

Extensions are a great way to customize your Talkroute phone system.


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