Custom Number Purchase

If we have a client requesting custom local numbers, we want to try our best to be able to provide as many options as we can and make sure they are able to get what they want. 

All custom local number requests should follow this process:

1. Send the custom phone number script in a ticket to the client so they have all the relevant information about pricing and activation.


2. Search for their desired number combinations with Inteliquent and Bandwidth to see if any options are available.


3. Provide any available options to the client in the custom phone number ticket so they can choose a number. (Also note the numbers in an internal note with the carrier you found the number with)

-A. If there are only a few options available to provide to the client and you think they will get one or a few of the numbers, go ahead and pre-purchase the numbers so we can have them on hand for when the client is ready to move forward. (Please use your best judgment on this, we would rather have a few extra numbers than lose a client because we were not able to get a suitable number for them)

--I. If you do purchase any numbers, note it in the ticket and the carrier you purchased the numbers from

-B. If there are many options based on the search, try to narrow it down with the client before pre-purchasing any numbers.


4. If a client approves adding any custom numbers, be sure to check the numbers to make sure they are still available if they were not pre-purchased. Let them know the total cost of adding the numbers (Any one time and monthly fees) and that it will end their trial period if they are currently on one.


5. Once everything has been approved and they are fine with the charges/ending the trial. Add the number to the account in CP and test to make sure it is working. 

-A. If other numbers were pre-purchased at the same time that they did not add, let Eric know in the escalations channel and he will add the numbers to our available number pool.

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