Getting Custom Quote Information

If a client is requesting to go on an Enterprise account (That is not just for HIPAA) or feels they will be outside of our reasonable use policy, we need to get more information so billing can provide a quote to them. Here is the information we should be asking the client and noting in a ticket for review:

1. Amount of local or toll-free Virtual Phone numbers needed on the account.

-A. Are we porting any numbers, if so how many and are they local or toll-free?

-B. If we are porting numbers, are they from different carriers or the same carrier under the same account?


2. Amount of Logins and Voicemail boxes needed on the account.


3. A combined estimated minute usage for all the virtual phone numbers on the account.


4. The number of maximum incoming calls they plan to be getting at one time on a single virtual phone number.


5. Are multiple accounts needed?


6. Any other special things that the client needs or requests such as custom integrations, a BAA, or SLA?







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